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Will Twitter be effective at marketing your business and other thoughts...


Another couple weeks have rolled by since I've sent out an update - I hope you found the last one useful.

Since then Twitter's had a bit of a make over but you probably already know this (if not you can read about it here). Personally I quite like the new look but some people are less than impressed (see).

Below are half-dozen articles I've collected together from over the past two weeks related to Social Media marketing with a Twitter slant that you may find useful and interesting.

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. 

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Will Twitter be effective at marketing your business?
This is an article I recently published on LinkedIn so I'd be especially interested in your thoughts and feedback. (A kindly "share" or "like" of it would be really appreciated too!)


Why Social Media Is the Best Thing to Happen to Marketing Automation
To see more reasons to include social data in your marketing automation platform, check out the full infographic.


Social Media Myths that Need to be Busted
Raise your hand if you believe that social media is free... (by the way our Tweet4MoreBiz/Tweet Forensics service is the easy and affordable way for you to address points 3 & 5)


Three Surprising Social Media Stats
Of especial interest are points 2 & 3...
2. On Twitter, don't sweat the hashtags (we don't!)
3. Twitter is all about links (we do!)


Social media marketing: which platform is best for your business?
Top fact: 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter.


10 Ways to Get More Out of TweetDeck
Through TweetDeck, you can monitor and action every aspect of your Twitter presence...



If you would like to learn how to use Twitter for your business and tap into its huge marketing and PR potential, but with practically zero effort from you and for only a few £/$s a daydrop me a line or visit http://tweet4more.biz/.

It is worth thinking about (ideally before your competitors do)!

Have a great week.

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