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When Twitter was down, premium subscription and tips to boost engagement...


Here's another collection of recent interesting articles about Twitter from the past couple weeks.

The idea of Twitter introducing a paid-for premium service has been around for a while - it would surely help Twitter start turning a profit! You might also want to check the advertising data that is now accessible in your Twitter account settings and see how accurate they are (you can find out via the last article).

As always, I hope you find some of these links useful - your thoughts or feedback would be of interested if you would like to drop me a line. 

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15 Tactics to Tackle Twitter and Boost Audience Engagement
Studies have shown that 72 percent of Twitter users are more likely to buy services from a business they follow than from one they do not. ...


How to automate your Twitter sales in 3 easy steps...
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Everything I Thought About When Twitter Was Down for Ten Minutes
Twitter going down for more than ten minutes is basically an international emergency...


Twitter is making it easier for businesses to reach people with Direct Messages.
New cards containing “call-to-action” buttons will make it easier to reach you in your Direct Message inbox...


Twitter has ‘kicked around’ the idea of offering a premium subscription service
But CEO Jack Dorsey says it’s not something the company is ready to roll out...


Twitter’s new tool lets you change how advertisers target you - here's how to use it
Twitter unveiled a new set of privacy and data controls today that allow users to see and control how advertisers target them on the platform....



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