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RE 3 quick questions...

Hi again

I hope you are keeping well. 

I'm not sure if you saw my email the other week (see below), but I just wanted to expand a little on how we deliver a bespoke list of 40-80 opted-in leads to our clients every week. 

The engine behind it is based on Twitter, but importantly for you, we can do all the Twitter work for you (you are welcome to contribute, although this isn't necessary). All you have to do is take the output report of potential leads our work will generate every week and use it to help you grow your business.

When I initially started my business we simply offered a straight forward Twitter management service. This was (and still is!) a great service for PR and raising brand awareness. However I never felt satisfied that it was quite enough to help our clients gain more business and see a great return on their investment. The turning point was a year ago when I had the idea of creating a mechanism that analyses the connections Tweet4MoreBiz generates, extracts key data such as email addresses, telephone numbers and contact names and presents this data in an easy to use format. 

The connections are predominantly composed of people and businesses who we have targeted on Twitter (based on a number of factors) who have seen our outbound connection and then taken the time and trouble to return the favour and follow back. By taking this simple but positive action, these connections are opting-in and to some extend self-vetting themselves.  

Our service targets and follows 100-250 accounts a day, seven days a week (the figure depends on the level of service selected) with about 10-15% accounts following back. Consequently the report our clients receive each week (after filtering out any garbage) typically lists 40-80 inbound opted-in connections. We don’t suggest every account listed will be a perfect lead, but amongst them will be a healthy percentage of potential business opportunities.

The beauty of the process is the next step - we encourage our clients to select the most likely connections, pick up the phone and call them. Obviously it is up to them to choose how to open the conversation, but our suggested approach is on the lines of “We noticed that you recently followed our Twitter account. I thought that maybe you have an interest in our products/services just wanted to give you a quick call to introduce myself and see if you have any questions/can help you in anyway/etc.”. At this point they have moved the relationship from the virtual world into the real world and, if only for a minute or two, they have the undivided attention of the prospective client. Of course it’s not 100% fool-proof but it is a 1,000 times more times more likely to turn into a productive conversation than if the connection was left in the noisy, easy to ignore social media world. Like they say “people like to do business with people”.

This is what a new client told me on an email only the other week:

"You may be interested to know that the replies I am receiving are producing unprecedented results leading into top quality business.

We appreciate that not everyone has the time or inclination to manage and follow leads themselves especially when they are arriving week on week. To resolve this we are able to extend our service with our optional integrated CRM and tele-sales bolt-on services. By adding these elements we can provide you with a complete business growth solution that both generates, manages and engages with leads. This is week-in, week-out for as long as you need it.

 Hopefully now you know a little more about our service, it has piqued your interest. I'll be happy to have a no-obligation chat with you to answer any questions or to explain more about it. All I need you to do is either:

  • Reply to this email
  • Call me on 01924 829393 or 07584 415452

Alternatively you may prefer to visit our website where you can read our clients' feedback and see our detailed service plans and price list. 



Martin Soroka

martin@tweet4more.biz  |  @Tweet4MoreBiz  |  tweet4more.biz

01924 829393  |  07584 415452

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From: martin@t4m.biz
Sent: 28 September 2016 10:20

Subject: 3 quick questions


I know you will be busy so I'll keep this brief and to the point and just ask you 3 quick questions...

  1. Would it help your business if you were to receive a bespoke list of new opted-in business leads with names and contact details every Monday morning?
  2. Would you feel this was good value if this cost about the same as a daily coffee and bun from Starbucks or Costa?
  3. Would you like to know more?

If the answer to any of these questions is "no" then I'd like to thank you for your time and bid you good day. Otherwise please read on...

Over the past 3 years we have perfected a system that helps businesses grow by providing a bespoke weekly list of 40-80 opted-in leads (most with phone numbers, email addresses and contact names) based on individual target requirements. This would be without any work for you to do other than opening the email we send each Monday morning to review the new leads and act upon them using our simple instructions.

It really is that simple!

I too receive many emails promising "the Earth" and I full appreciate that they usually sound too good to be true. But I can promise you that this isn't the case here - this definitely isn't "snake oil"!

We deliver our service using a proven and tested strategy that I'll be happy to fully explain. To give you a clue, it is a very simple idea that leverages social media activity and connections in a fundamentally different and effective way. Once you understand how it works you will wonder why no one else has thought of it!

One client recently told me:

"I was stunningly impressed to find someone who uses social media in a way that relates to a REAL sales process."

Another said: 

"An invaluable asset to our business, we would highly recommend (though we'd prefer to keep him to ourselves!)"

If you would like to know more then either

  • Reply to this email and I'll send you a more detailed explanation or
  • Call me on 01924 829393 or 07584 415452 and I'll walk you through it in 10 minutes. 

Of course I am happy to talk to you without any obligation. Alternatively you may prefer visit our website where you can also read our clients' feedback and see our detailed service plans and price list. 

I promise that if you are looking to find more customers and to grow your business then you won't be wasting your time. What have you to lose other than a few minutes of your time?

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thank you for sparing a few minutes of your valuable time.


Martin Soroka

martin@tweet4more.biz  |  @Tweet4MoreBiz   |  tweet4more.biz

01924 829393  |  07584 415452


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